About Us

Rediscover quality...buy handmade! Originally opened in 1997 as Kinks, Quirks & Caffeine, our store was an instant hit among locals. It was surely refreshing to have such a FUNky store in the midst of the 'colonialism' of Williamsburg, VA. In its early years, the store was credited in helping Williamsburg obtain the honor of being named a "Top 25 Arts Destination" by American Style Magazine. It was also named "Williamsburg's Best Art Gallery" in its first year of operation. Since then we have gratefully accepted many honors and accolades. We are regularly voted as "Williamsburg's Best" Gift Shop and Art Gallery. Most notably, we have won two NICHE ‘Top Retailer’ Awards. 

In 2011, we were ‘reborn’ as Quirks of Art…where almost everything we sell is passionately handmade in America. We are so proud to represent such amazing and talented artists…there have been over 1,400 through the years! Unique handcrafted works from over 400 artisans from throughout the United States are on display.  Owner Jennifer Raines scours the country in search of new artists and thoughtfully handpicks each item. She notes that most pieces are handmade and many are one-of-a-kind. The store offers a wide selection of handmade jewelry, pottery, glass, Sticks furniture, local art, clothing, and many other sweet treasures. 
We are very committed to building ties with the local communities we serve and are VERY proud of the level of philanthropic work we do. Click here for our charitable giving policy. 
Quirks of Art is now located at The Shops at High Street, where you’ll find a combination of dining, entertainment and shopping – with the ambiance of Williamsburg’s signature classic brick and precise landscaping.   Whether you want to catch a movie, have a relaxing dinner or just do some shopping after an exciting day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, The Shops at High Street provide both beauty and convenience.   Boutiques and a variety of restaurants combined with breathtaking architecture give The Shops at High Street a modern city feel, just minutes from the rich green tapestry of historic Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.          

Jenn, "Chick-in-Charge"


Our fabulous leader is a born party girl.  She works hard and plays harder.  She is relentlessly passionate about small business, and bringing art and music to Williamsburg. Bouncing between projects, conference calls, writing magazine articles, trade shows, and traveling the world - She never stops. Her little buddy Zack is often tucked safely under her arm.  She’s always on the prowl for what’s new and fun.  Sometimes an idea pops up… and flits away just like that. We all just try and keep up.

Kendra, The Sparkle that Keeps Us Straight...


Our trusty store manager and an odd-ball among odd-balls Kendra loves all things Disney, glitter, art, and geekery. She is crazy about Quirks of Art and will 'schpeel' your ear off when it comes to one of our artists or her favorite pieces in the store.  This mom of two boys often leaps before she looks, takes business (and fun) very seriously, loves to travel, and speaks 'unicorn' fluently.  (That's a fact.)

Jacquie, 'Miss CurlEQ'


The perfect addition to our quirky crew. Originally from New England, she was a competitive figure skater since age 8, she even won a National Championship! She loves capturing the beauty in the world as a professional photographer and enjoys learning all she can about our artists and their works. Business & fun go hand and hand, so while working hard  you may find her laying out some impressive dance moves and showing off her singing skills. 

Steve, “The Crazy Brit”


Steve owns a local event management company, and is widely loved by many in the area. After two years of chasing Jenn, she finally agreed to date him. (If we say so… they’re both pretty smitten) He has the energy of a hummingbird… living on a diet that consists of chocolate and coca cola. He says F*^k a lot. (as expected) He’s everyone’s “favorite”.

Zack, 'Security Guard' and official store greeter

Zack is Jenn's 12-year-old Maltese 'puppy'.  He loves to greet customers, very enthusiastically sometimes. He's been coming to work since he was a puppy, and considers himself to be a pro.  He's getting a little crusty in his older age, but sometimes still acts like a puppy.  His favorite store activity is his annual birthday party.