Hey Guys, Quirks is for BOYS TOO!

Hey Guys, Quirks is for BOYS TOO!

Posted by Brianna on Nov 8th 2018

Recently this unicorn has made a realization. Men really seem intimidated by our stores! I see it pretty much ALL THE TIME, you gents do a power lap around the store, or you step in and immediately step back outside like you've been bounced out by an invisible force field. Some of you don’t even come in at all! Just a glance in the window is all you need to deem the store “girly”. I've even had multiple male guests  (brave and bold souls) who have had the audacity to declare OUT LOUD “This is a GIRL store isn’t it?”

Guys, come on! Do we have some female empowerment themed products? Um… DUH! Is there a touch of pink and a sprinkle of unicorns? Yup, it happens. Is Quirks powered and woman run through and through? Hell yes, just step over the estrogen on your way in! Our chick-in-charge, Jenn is a bad-ass-boss-lady and our gallery manager Kendra is an equally awesome, sparkly, death-ray of unicorns and rainbows. 

Although we (ladies) like to think everything featured in our gallery is for EVERYONE- I would like to take the opportunity to point out our more “manly” offerings for those gentlemen who worry our bright color palette might threaten your masculinity. (Maybe that was served with a little heat... but GUYS ... real men can handle a little glitter right?) So, here we go....

Blue Q Socks

Being cold is for ninnys. And you’re no ninny, you've practically told me so! These wildly amusing and fun socks are for the most dude-ly of dudes. They can be appropriately worn for every occasion, and let’s be real, if you're feeling shy you’re probably wearing pants that will cover them anyways. Shop them at Quirks in store or online here.

Tipsy Coasters

Just because you’re a man’s man doesn’t mean you have to be an animal and put your cold, sweaty drink on the coffee table. That's why these snarky coasters are a best seller- they protect that table - and probably your relationship because "JACOB YOU’RE RUINING MY TABLE WITH YOUR CARELESS BEVERAGE PLACEMENT AGAIN!". (We know.) These are in store only at Quirks or ask Kendra to email you some offerings- she’ll be happy to send you some of her personal favorites! (They might have naughty words on them.)

Houston LLew Spiritiles 

Now here you go guys- our MOST MANLY item ever... THEY'RE like, MADE WITH FIRE!  Crafted in Atlanta Georgia, these bad boys are forged with copper, powdered glass, and FIRE. (We're going to say fire a few times because there is no pyrotechnics in blogging.) These art pieces are highly collectible (Like baseball cards dude!) and our best selling gift item to boot. Each has a quote wrapped around the edges, you don't even have to write in a card when you give them away. If you decide you love them because of the quotes and get a little emotional we won’t tell anyone. (You big teddy bear.) 

Spiritiles are available online and always ship for FREE! We have the entire collection on display at both Quirks AND The Sideshow!  We mean it, they are our favorite, and EVERYONE loves them. 

Anatomical Glass Hearts

Now don’t be put off by that gorgeous rainbow boys, because these hearts are FIRED DEEP IN THE BOWELS OF HELL AND ARE METAL AF. (Or, maybe they're made by an adorable chick in Canada... you don't know.) Plus they’re anatomical... like, a real heart not some girlie heart. How cool is that!? See them in person at The Sideshow or online here

Our Games

Come on, do I really need to say games are for everyone? And the best part about these are if you add beer they become drinking games! Shop our collection online or in our wider selection at Quirks... looking for one you saw us share on Instagram? Email us and we'll get you one! 

Mincing Mocking Bird Journals

Ralph Waldo Emmerson literally spent a whole chunk of his life out in the wilderness cut off from civilization just to write, and we’re pretty convinced here that he did so in one of these journals. Plus they look all rugged and vintage. You'll feel and look so very masculine while you write all your gushy sonnets. Chicks love sonnets.  


Squint and look past the glitter guys, the girls here like to DRINK! (None of your business if we do at work or not.) Our flasks come in a wide array of hilarious sayings. Use'em to hold your manly drinks. (You know, whisky, bourbon, strawberry daiquiris… whichever floats your boat.) Again, there are a few online... and even more in the gallery! 

Sideshow Shirts

It’s a little known fact (apparently) that some of our Sideshow shirts are unisex! Our “Ringmaster of the Shitshow” is a nice loose, baseball style tee. Our new “Do Epic Shit” addition is soft, comfortable and cool as hell. You should probably have one of each. If you need a gift for your lady friends, we have a variety women's designs too. (You'll match, that's cute!) 

Now don’t get it twisted... we're not being mean... we'd just like if you'd have a closer look. Unicorns can be for boys too! The point is that anything and EVERYTHING in our gallery can be for anyone. If it brings you joy that’s all that matters. So just remember guys, we don’t bite and we'd love if you'd come by and see us sometime! (And maybe DON'T call us a "Girl's Store".) 

At least come in and shop for your MOM... you should probably call her sometime.