Cool Shit

We were recently featured in our local paper when the following was published in the "LAST WORD" column - here is the original comment, and our response. Enjoy...and thanks to those that support our business.

Surprising words

Today, my grandson and I ventured into a store on Prince George Street after getting a delicious ice cream from Kilwins. To my shock and my 9 year old grandson's, the store had many items with obscenities on them. My grandson did not understand why a store would have these items on display. I am upset that it is considered OK for store managers, who know children will enter the store, do not find this degrading. I had an item I was going to purchase, but after seeing the many items with obscenities on them, I put the item back and left the store. Isn't there enough bad language heard in public and on TV? Must we start displaying the words?

And our response- 

'Surprising words' recently inquired as to why we think it's okay for our store to offer the occasional product containing curse words. I'll start by stating the obvious, it sells…a lot. And it gives our customers a chuckle...and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. But, more importantly - we sell those items because we like them. You of course, do not have to like or purchase those items. If you’re offended, we won't say we are sorry, because we aren't. We're not for everyone and we're not trying to be. Your sensibilities are what give those words their 'potency', and for some of us- it's just no big deal. We're not even bothered by your attempt at public shaming. What we are bothered by, is having our well-meaning team members harassed in our place of business by folks who want to lecture or make a scene regarding our products. Seeing something you don't like is not an invitation to insult our business or team. 

We like to think that these items that you referenced are used for constructive and empowering, never destructive, purposes. We are an inclusive business and nothing featured is derogatory to anyone. Like everything in ourworld, we're just looking to create a fun and lighthearted experience - but, we're realists here, so we aren't even going to try to please everyone.

Jennifer Raines, Owner