Dog Tamer Le Puppet Regime Stained Glass

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Le Puppet Regime Stained Glass Hoop Girl.

This piece is a one of a kind- jointed & articulated stained glass "puppet". A real conversation piece.

Each is hand-painted in Philadelphia by Artist Genevieve. 


Artist Statement- 

Le Puppet Regime came about a way to make Stained Glass stop being so lazy. Perched in a window frame, looking Classic. Enough!

Utilizing Hinges, bolts, nuts, and wires, I look for a way to surprise and delight people with these illustrated stained glass creatures. Moving legs, wings, fins, arms and legs, thinking about transparency, style, clothing, pattern, the illustrations come alive and move. If I am tickled when they first come together, then odds are good, other people will be too.  

Each piece is hand painted utilizing the old stained glass painting techniques of powdered glass floated in a medium of choice. They are fired in a kiln between 1280-1500, depending on the paint used. For complicated shading, multiple firings may be required to build up depth and texture. Then each piece is cut, holes are drilled, and the piece is soldered and assembled. It takes close to 9 hours to make a simple character.