SOLD Faux Taxidermy Small Magical Creature by Valency

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Artist: Valency Genis 
Wood, wire, epoxy clay, acrylic and oil

Signed by the artist.

This one-of-a-kind whimsical faux taxidermy piece is named Golo. He loves gardens full of clover and sunny spots to nap in.  He comes from the imagination of artist, Valency Genis.

Raised in Seattle, Washington, Valency was utterly obsessed with television and video games for most of her life, so it is ironic that a summer spent on Flathead Lake, Montana in an electronics-free log cabin when she was 10 years old would change her life forever. Searching for diversions to alleviate her interminable boredom, she happened upon an old taxidermy shop. A dusty pair of ‘unborn beavers’ caught her eye in the window display, and it forever imprinted on her naïve adolescent mind. The stunning array of animals presented in the rustic store drew her in with their beauty, but she was bereaved by their demise…

While studying for her BFA at the University of New Mexico, Valency discovered that she had the power to create creatures and control their aesthetics, while minimizing the tragedy associated with taxidermied animals. She takes an almost Dr. Frankenstein-like glee in crafting her unique animals, drawing on influences ranging from Dr. Seuss to Natural History Museum dioramas.