Furmiliar Pyewacket Halloween Brooch by Lipstick & Chrome

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PRESENTING "Furmiliar Pyewacket"  part of our Halloween  "Belle, Book and Candle" Lipstick & Chrome Brooch Collection! 

Inspired by one of our favorite vintage films "Bell, Book and Candle" this kitties name is Pyewacket! Bewitching Belle's companion and familiar. Just a touch spooky- this kitty can come out and play all year around if you're feeling "gothy" or macabre.  This brooch measures 2" x 3" and features glitter and iridescent pages. 

Don't forget that each Lipstick and Chrome brooch comes with a collectors card, and a SONG you'll find on our Spotify Playlist.

Furmiliar Pyewacket song is MR SANDMAN by SYML

Please share your styling or unboxing with us on Instagram by tagging @lipstickandchrome in your post. 

*Each brooch piece is crafted with laser cut resin plastic. They are hand assembled and hand painted, you may find slight variations from piece to piece.