IWIW EmerGINcy Box Brooch Martini & Slippers

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NOTE- THIS IS AN I WANT IT WEDNESDAY ITEM - the brooch is in "seconds" condition, meaning this piece has lost the locking back mechanism of the brooch. The brooch can still be hooked closed- but cannot locked. By purchasing this item- you are aware of it's flaw and it is non-refundable. 


Ever had one of those Gin Martini emergencies?

You know those days when you get home from work and you have had a crappy day, the commute was stupid and now you have to find something to eat but can't be stuffed cooking and instead would be happy enough to just mix up a cheeky cocktail and kick back, the EmerGINcy Box comes to the rescue. 

Hand assembled clear acrylic, red acrylic, blue mirror & silver glitter acrylic. Finished with a brooch finding on the rear.

Size: 47mm x 63mm x 12mm