Pin Up Girl Charlie Quinn Lucite Brooch

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‘Charlie Quinn’ Lucite Brooch
“Men are good but women are magic.” – Catherine Deneuve
Named after the Toronto burlesque starlet who loved this gal so much she just had
to have her! And voilà, Charlie became Spiro Spero’s first-ever customer, and her
namesake Lucite charm has been a signature piece ever since. ‘Charlie Quinn’ is our
spirit animal…in Lucite! We make our jewelry for girls who appreciate whimsy,
beauty, and a sense of humor. That’s Charlie to a T. Her platinum coif tied a bow and
those little hot pants are just the beginning. Her acrobatic pose makes this Lucite
charm a conversation starter whether worn as a cardigan pin or swinging from a
black cord at your neck as a pendant necklace. It’s no surprise she’s one of our
hottest sellers.
Made with daring and love in Toronto by Spiro Spero Designs.