This year Sparkle Friday is Back, and bursting with even more magic and good cheer! What's Sparkle Friday you ask? Well.... 
Four years ago Quirks of Art took a very unconventional approach to Black Friday, in the middle of all the stress, and the hustle, we decided to close our doors to shoppers and get back to what the magic of the holidays are all about. Our team journeyed into Williamsburg with one mission, to spread good cheer and do good deeds. In previous years we inspired our neighbors to donate food items to benefit "Feed our Future" and collected over $1000 worth of donations. So many people asked to get involved, we also decided to not just collect donations from our friends… but to share the fun in the form of “Sparkle Squads” – these were given a “secret mission of goodness”… search #sparklefriday on Instagram to see past activities! (Not Black Friday… SPARKLE FRIDAY!)

This year we've teamed up with non-profit Culturefix - a non-profit started by our Chick-in-Charge Jennifer Raines to create a new grant aimed to help local, underprivileged children acquire the tools they need to succeed in their choose art field... help them purchase instruments, dance sessions, or maybe the newest version of Photoshop, we want to help the next generation of artist succeed! PLEASE help us start up this new program, dubbed "Sparkle for the Arts" - you can do so with a direct donation here, or by visiting our Instagram or Facebook page and playing along there! 

We’re looking forward to having you join our Anti-Black Friday Revolution! Make the Holidays magical again, and Sparkle On!