Sticks Dressing Mirror #02

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What's better than a handcrafted piece of art that also works in your space? Bring art to every corner of your home with a painted Sticks furniture piece!

This listing is for a Sticks full-length dressing mirror which can be wall hung. 

25"w x 1 3/4"d x 69"h

Quirks of Art is pleased to offer FREE shipping on all Sticks items.


Did you know you look 100% more lovely in a handcrafted mirror? It’s a fact!* These wooden pieces are not just a functional embellishment to your space, they are full of unique personality. 

Every Sticks creation is 100% handcrafted in the USA! Pieces are carved, stained, painted and finished by the Sticks team of artisans in Iowa. Please allow 3-4 weeks for construction and delivery, and expect slight variations in your made-to-order piece.

Each mirror can be customized, to include design and icons, sayings and colorings. The team at Quirks of Art would be excited to help you a one-of-a-kind design… we can mix elements you love in the design you see here, or even make up your own. The talented artists at Sticks can create it! Call or email to learn more. 757-645-4366

*In a hurry? Contact us to learn which designs are in stock now and ready to ship.