Surprise Party Blind Box - Lipstick and Chrome

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We might be obsessed with Blind Boxes - they are so fun to pack and we hear you LOVE to unpack them too! Based on everyone's feedback we've decided to add a new Blind Box to our collection. Consider this one a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY GIFT, because you should celebrate every day like it's your birthday. Jenn or Kendra will pick and pack each with 2 Brooches, 2 Stickers, 3 Buttons, 1 Patch and 1 Enamel Pin from our collections. Each is an over $90 value for just $39.95! 


This Blind Box is a wonderful assortment of in stock designs from our makers - Erstwilder, Spiro Spero, Little Moose, Kaiju Candy, Baccurelli, Laliblue, Sparkle Bomb, Martini and Slippers, and Alena Kochenkova from new & old season! Stickers, Pins and Patches are also selected from the over 20 plus brands and makers here in the gallery- you're sure to get a great selection!

Blind boxes guarantee you MASSIVE SAVINGS and are available strictly while stocks last - these designs are non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged. Pass them off to your friends instead! 

Int'l shipping is $10 extra per order.

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