The Light of London By Assouline Books

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The Light of London

Expanding on Assoulines popular series, The Light of London showcases a new collection of evocative black-and-white images by Jean-Michel Berts. In the twilight of dawn and dusk, when the stately avenues and gritty side streets are empty and silent, Londons smorgasbord of architecture both medieval and modern can be seen with new eyes. Jean-Michel Bertss camera obscura exposes the unique character of this majestic city when the bustle of the global capital is stilled.


  • 132 pages
  • 60+ illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in July 2012
  • W 10.62 x L 13 x D 0.78 in
  • Hardcover with Jacket
  • ISBN: 9781614280422
  • 4.0 lb

About the Author

Jean-Michel Berts has been a photographer since age sixteen. With his rst Rollei ex camera he became sensitive to the effects of light. Today Berts enjoys an international reputation and exhibits his work at numerous art fairs around Europe. He has also worked on advertising campaigns for luxury brands such as LancOme, Dior, Hermes, and Yves Saint Laurent.