Vintage Cocktails By Assouline Books

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Vintage Cocktails

Gin Fizz, Gimlet, French 75, Brandy Alexander, Pisco Sour, Singapore Sling, Sidecar, Dark and Stormy, Caipirinha, Margarita, Matador, Bloody Mary, White Russian, Vesper, Greyhound, Kamikaze, Missouri Mule, Pimms Cup, Fuzzy Navel, Kir Royale, Sazerac, Presbyterian, Man OWar

Vintage Cocktails is the chic volume devoted to the lost art of mixing the perfect drink with flair and panache. With just a few ingredients, a splash of finesse, and the right pour, this is the only book every fashionable host, aspiring mixologist or seasoned cocktail aficionado needs in his or her bar.

Not to be confused for the classic cocktail, the vintage cocktail conjures enchanting recollections of an earlier time of lacquered bars, crystal tumblers, and old Hollywood glamour. Many of the cocktails featured appeared in secret during the years of Prohibition, when going to a bar had the same sophistication of attending a private club, adding to the selections allure. Wherever the origin, the history of each refined concoction is rich and varied. Whether you're fond of a classic Martini or perhaps are longing to sample the fashionable Bradshaw, whatever your pleasure, Vintage Cocktails is a book that is certain to delight your palette. With over 60 stylish recipes, complemented by vibrantly elegant photographs, you are sure to discover your favorite drink.

The photos of each concoction were taken at The Carlyle Hotels legendary Bemelmans Bar. From the affluent tycoon to anyone with an admiration for style, the bar symbolizes an era of untouched glamour. Half a dozen presidents and countless celebrities have sipped these very drinks at Bemelmans, making this volume something truly exceptional.


  • 140 pages
  • 70 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in August 2009
  • W 9.52 x L 11.25 x D 0.98 in
  • Spiral-bound hardcover
  • ISBN: 9782759404131
  • 3.0 lb

About the Author

World-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern has been a professional bartender in New York City for over 18 years. In 2004 he opened Chef Thomas Kellers Michelin three star (NY TIMES four star) restaurant PER SE as the head mixologist. Shortly after leaving PER SE, Brian started CREATIVE COCKTAIL CONSULTANTS, a consulting firm dedicated to creating cutting edge cocktails lists and training professional bartenders in the art of mixology. In 2006 the cocktail celebrated its 200th anniversary and in response, BOLS Liqueurs of Amsterdam held the BOLS 200 Masters International Championship where Brian was ranked the number two bartender in the world.

His cocktails have been mentioned or featured in The New York Times, Gourmet, The Washington Post, Time Out New York, New York Magazine and Fast Company. The Wall Street Journal and Food Arts Magazine have written feature articles on Mr. Van Flandern and Cheers Magazine listed Brian as one of Americas Ten Top Shelf Bartenders.

Laziz Hamani has contributed photographs to many ASSOULINE volumes, including Dior, the Symbols of Religion series, and Chateau Latour. His work has appeared in international magazines, as well as in a series of solo exhibitions in France and Italy.